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A Racine woman presented false information to the state, prosecutors say, securing more than $20,000 in food share benefits for which she was not eligible. Lisa McCue, 41, completed an eligibility review in April 2011 with Racine County Workforce Development, stating the only people living in her home were herself and her three children. She made similar claims over the next several years.

An investigation into her use of public assistance began in October 2012 after the state became aware that she listed her home as one owned by her husband’s parents, and that she and her husband were still married. Her husband had several police contacts while McCue was receiving the benefits, and gave the same address she used in her application.

He was also working full-time, according to court records.

On Feb. 11, 2014 investigators interviewed McCue about whether her husband was living there, and she admitted that he had been staying with her as much as five or six nights a week over the past several years. McCue said her husband had been staying with his daughter, but the daughter said she has only ever known him to live at the residence with McCue.

By not reporting her husband’s income and living status, the state claims McCue was overpaid $20,398 in food stamps.

McCue is due to appear in court on Jan. 26.