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An elderly woman backing out of her own garage was uninjured Saturday morning. after she mistakenly drove through her neighbor’s garage.

Mount Pleasant police and South Shore Fire were called at 8:50 a.m. Saturday to the 1700 block of Newman Road at the Primrose Community Complex for a report of a car vs. garage accident. When officers and rescue arrived, they found an 87-year-old woman inside her vehicle that appeared to have crashed through the wall of a garage adjacent to her own.

Firefighters from South Shore were able to free the woman from her car and treat her at the scene. She told police that she had been backing out of her own garage and attempting to navigate the apron of her driveway when she accelerated and crossed the access road between the properties and crashed through the garage door, coming to rest against the vehicle that was parked inside the neighboring structure.

Both the woman’s car and the neighbor’s garage suffered extensive damage, but the other car was minimally damaged.

Because the accident occurred on private property, there were no citations issued.