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My name is Rick McCluskey and I am a Trustee for the Village of Mount Pleasant seeking your support and vote for re-election.

Mount Pleasant has come a long way since I was elected in 2014. Myself and the current board and the Rick McCluskeyVillage’s Administrative staff, have resolved the majority of issues that faced us in 2014. From pending Department of Workforce Development Equal Rights Division (ERD) complaints and lawsuits to improper budget manipulation and to a terrible reputation in which to build a business, we have worked hard to erase the majority of those issues and have left them far behind. We are, and I am happy to say, moving forward and the future looks bright for the Village.

Developers, small businesses and corporations wishing to build in Mount Pleasant no longer view us as a village in turmoil and a place to avoid. Rather, we are now a Village in which to build and prosper. And for that I will always be proud of our accomplishments in so little time.

But we are not done. There is still work to be done and that is where you, the voters of Mount Pleasant, figure into the equation. Without your support and vote the Village stands on the verge of returning to those days we left behind fromĀ  previous boards. Without your support and vote, I cannot continue to move the Village to new heights of growth and development. I ask for your vote in the primary on February 16, 2016 and in the Spring election of April 5, 2016.

Please come and visit me at the following Facebook page, Re-elect Rick McCluskey Mount Pleasant Trustee Seat #2.