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CondomsRacine residents can now receive free condoms through a mail order service called Mail Me Condoms.

National Condom Day kicks off on Feb. 14 and officials from the City of Racine Public Heath Department hope to get the condoms into the hands of people so that they can practice safe sex.

Racine County ranks fifth in the state for the number of people who have chlamydia, and it ranks fourth highest in the state for gonorrhea.  In the city, one out of 100 residents contracted an STD in 2014. Young adults ages 21 to 29 years-old consistently ranked high in having STDs.

The “Mail Me Condoms” program aims to increase the use of condoms for those who are sexually active to practice safer sex.

“We continue to see high rates of STDs in this community, and preventing the spread of STDs is a priority for the Health Department,” said Dottie-Kay Bowersox, Public Health Administrator for the City of Racine. “This effort to give residents another easy, no-cost method for accessing condoms is one more way in which the Health Department is working toward reducing the burden of STDs in the community.”


Residents can sign-up for the program by filling out a survey on the city’s health department website:


While personal information is being requested, the information will be used only for statistical purposes and will not be stored.



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