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Bright police lights

Horlick High School’s surveillance cameras were used to help police narrow down the students suspected of smoking marijuana near the in school suspension room.

Several teachers noticed the smell of burning marijuana on Feb. 2, and called for the off-duty police officer working at the school to investigate. Two officers went to the area to see what was going on.

They report smelling burnt marijuana, and finding a can of Axe deodorant spray – possibly used to try to cover up the odor. They watched video of the area, and found three female students had been in the area around that time.

Officers spoke with several of them, including Infinity Robinson, the girl charged in this case. They found marijuana leaves and partially burned marijuana blunts in her purse.

Two days later, she was accused of stealing someone’s credit card, and when she gave police consent to search her purse, they found marijuana. The criminal complaint makes no mention of the credit card.

She is charged with possession of marijuana for the Feb. 2 incident and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia for the Feb. 4 incident.