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Charges were filed Thursday against a man accused of striking a 14-year-old boy with his car on Dec. 22, and then fleeing the scene.

Nicolas J. Starks, 33, of Racine, is charged with felony hit and run causing injury and driving with a revoked license. He appeared in court, but had the proceeding adjourned to give him time to hire an attorney.

The criminal complaint states that Mount Pleasant police were called to the intersection of Washington Avenue and Oakes Road, to help a child who had been struck by a car. The boy was lying down on the hill, and said his right knee hurt and he couldn’t move.

The boy told police that the driver got out to check on his condition, but then got back in the vehicle and took off.

There were 20-foot-long skid marks showing where the vehicle slowed before striking the boy.

The next day, police received a call from someone who said two witnesses to the crash had come forward, and knew who had been driving. The witnesses said they had seen the crash, and also saw the driver – Starks – who was someone they knew.

Starks told police he saw the boy get hit and go flying off to the side of the road, but that he did not hit the teen. He said he left the scene because he knew he should not have been driving.