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In a commercial that aired during Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, CBS 58 Milwaukee featured Racine’s very own Hot Shop Glass.

The commercial, titled “The Stories That Run Deep,” features snapshots of life throughout Southeast Wisconsin; from microbrewers to wheelchair basketball leagues to local barbershops to Hot Shop Glass here in Racine.

“The stories of Wisconsin run deep,” the narrator says over video clips of the diverse residents, businesses, groups, and families that populate the area. “Stories that learn from the past and look to the future … finding excellence every day … these are your stories.”

Hot Shop Glass posted the commercial on their Facebook a couple of days after the game, though they had teased fans about it the week before.

“Watch the game on CBS 58 this Sunday! Don’t blink during the half-time commercials or you might miss our blip as part of the station’s marketing of their great news broadcast!” the post read on Feb. 3.

And after, “CBS 58 filmed at our studio last week for this commercial that aired at half-time during Super Bowl 50 … honored to be part of the story!” they wrote. “Thank you Wes Mitchell (and Andy) for creating this great piece!”

Hot Shop Glass is located at 239 Wisconsin Avenue. Call (262) 833-0095.