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Former candidate Bryn Biemeck has joined forces with a handful of groups and organizations interested in changing how candidates for public office get their names on the ballot.

Biemeck was removed from the ballot for a Racine Unified School District school board seat after her nomination papers were challenged by the Racine Education Association. The Government Accountability Board ultimately decided she had 99 valid signatures – one less than the 100 required, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Ernest Ni’A’s papers were also challenged, but the GAB found his papers to be in order, the story continues.

Biemeck wants lawmakers to consider changes like reducing the number of signatures needed; giving potential candidates the option of paying a filing fee instead of collecting signatures; and recognizing the intent of the resident who signs nomination papers when judging whether or not signatures are valid.

“We should be encouraging people to run for office, encouraging people to get onto the ballot,” she told the newspaper. “Not pulling this type of stuff. We should allow the voters to decide if someone puts in the work to get on.”

Biemeck will travel to Madison Wednesday to take part in a group lobbying effort to push for the changes.