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All States Trucking is planning for possible future expansion by buying 4.5 acres adjacent to their current location in the Renaissance Business Park and asking Sturtevant for a building requirement waiver to complete the purchase.

Representatives for the company appeared before the Sturtevant Economic Development/Redevelopment Committee Tuesday to ask for a waiver that would require All States to build within a year of closing on the property.

Company reps say All States needs the waiver to protect them against downward shifts in the economy that would impact their ability to add onto the existing building.

The language is part of the covenant created when the Renaissance was formed as part of the village’s tax incremental financing district to help protect Sturtevant’s investment in the business park’s infrastructure like sewer and water lines and roads.

Village Engineer/DPW Director Jeff Seitz suggested that All States complete the purchase and then join the two pieces of land – the existing facility and the new parcel – into one property and avoid the need for a waiver altogether.

Taking this route would actually help in the long run because All States would not be required, for example, to request rezoning the land or go through a number of other steps required for new buildings.

Members of the committee supported the idea, but also said they aren’t entirely against a waiver, either, as long as it includes an expiration date, and the land isn’t sitting vacant for the next decade or more.

How the situation will ultimately play out depends on All States’ response to Seitz’s idea of joining the properties. Assuming company leaders say, “yes,” the committee would meet next Tuesday before the board meeting to officially make their approval recommendation and then the full board would vote on it the same night.