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WISN 12 News recently surprised Case High School teacher Megan Larson with the announcement that she is the news station’s February Top Teacher.

Meteorologist Sally Severson surprised Larson with the news, telling her she was chosen because of how her students feel about her.

“Her passion for teaching pushes her students to think beyond the classroom,” Severson said in her report. “She’s known as the school mom.”

Larson told Severson the feelings are more than reciprocated.

“(They are a) complete joy,” she said. “These are not just my students, but an extension of my children. I care about their success.”

Larson has been a French teacher for 13 years, passing on her love of the French language and culture after first falling in love with both as a small child, the story continues.

“It opens our eyes to what’s outside our community,” she added. “So many things are happening elsewhere in the world … embracing those differences gets you far in life.”

But Larson also admits that not every day is easy. Still, she’s grateful to her students for making her teaching career so rewarding.

“When I walk in here I know it’s a fresh day, and we’re going to have some wins and some challenges and we’ll get through it together,” she said. “I’d like to thank my students for sharing themselves with me over the past 13 years.”