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NORCOWisPark, a company that develops real estate projects and is owned by the Wisconsin Energy Corp., plans to buy 187 acres along the Interstate 94 corridor, for $5 million, according to a story by the Journal Times.

The village announced in September that Raymond-based Norco Manufacturing Corp. plans to build a 130,000 square-foot facility on 15 acres of a 187-acre parcel of land that WisPark LLC has agreed to defray some of the infrastructure costs. The industrial park is bounded between 4 Mile Road, Adams Road, the East Frontage Road and just west of Highway V.

Caledonia Village president Bob Bradley told the Journal Times:

“’Residents have blessed this (idea).’ Caledonia has an imbalance with only about 15 percent commercial/industrial property, he said, and he’d like to see that grow to at least 30 percent.”


Norco manufactures doors for the aeronautics industry and has entered into memorandum of understanding with Caledonia and WisPark. Construction on the Norco project is expected to begin in the spring. Christensen wasn’t sure whether the facility would be in addition to Norco’s currently facility or if would be replacing their facility in Raymond.

A second phase in the industrial park is expected to be completed next year that will support 1 million-square-foot building, according to the Journal Times.

The Village has planned the project for several years in hopes of attracting development, which included running sewer and water lines from Mount Pleasant to Caledonia.

The sewer and water project — which is part of a 764-acre tax incremental financing district (TID) — is to be completed in two phases. Phase I includes putting in a pump station on Highway V and Highway K, which will pump to Mount Pleasant down Highway 20. The water lines will also be installed along the same path. That part of the project will cost $761,000.


But the sewer and water project has been a pain point for a number of Caledonia and Mount Pleasant residents living along Highway V and K, which all received tax assessments totaling thousands of dollars.

The project is expected to be completed in the fall.

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