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If CVS Pharmacy wants to open additional locations in the City of Racine, it will have to look past the southeast corner of Ohio Street and Washington Avenue. The Racine Common Council voted 9 – 6 Tuesday to deny the rezoning necessary to move the project forward.

This is most probably the final nail in the coffin of CVS’ proposal to build a 13,000 square foot store that would replace the former Racine Cyclery, American Coin, the vacant building in between and the empty check cashing store next door to Racine Cyclery. CVS also planned to purchase several residential properties to make room for the new building and a parking lot.

After being rejected last August, Alderman Henry Perez introduced a reconsideration measure, but it was defeated Sept. 1 with the 8-7 vote in which Mayor John Dickert cast the tie-breaker, saying approval would have set “a dangerous precedent.”

Alderpersons on March 1 in a Committee of the Whole meeting voted to rescind its rejection and sent the matter to the full Common Council where members voted 7-6 to send the matter back to the Planning Commission. The project progressed to the full city council without a recommendation for approval from the commission.

During the meeting Tuesday, CVS Attorney Richard Donner told the council the corner of Ohio and Washington is “under utilized” and the zoning there is “inconsistent” with the zoning of the rest of the intersection, a story in The Journal Times reads.

According to the newspaper, alderpersons who voted, “yes:”

  • Terry McCarthy
  • Henry Perez
  • Q. A. Shakoor II
  • Mike Shields
  • Steve Smetana
  • Sandy Weidner

Alderpersons who voted, “no:”

  • Jeff Coe
  • Ray DeHahn
  • Mollie Jones
  • Mary Land
  • Tracey Larrin
  • Melissa Lemke
  • Jason Meekma
  • James Morgenroth
  • Dennis Wiser