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Area motorists are being asked to stay alert when approaching the intersection of Douglas Avenue and 4-Mile Road after an accident Saturday took out the transformer box there.

Caledonia police posted on their Facebook page that a 3-car accident Saturday ended with one car smashing into the electric box that controls the traffic signals at Douglas and 4-Mile Road.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big impact,” the post reads. “The three-car collision ended with one vehicle striking the grey box in the photo.”

With the lights out, officers have placed stop signs at the intersection, and drivers should treat the corner like a four-way stop sign.

“Please use both common sense and common courtesy when going through this intersection add it now is a 4 way stop,” the post continues. “(We were) taught in Mr. Phelen’s drivers education class at Park we were to yield to the vehicle to our right at a four-way stop. (We) hope everyone else remembers how to drive.”

Because each box is configured for its particular intersection, a new box will have to be ordered and assembled. Delivery of the new transformer box can take a couple of weeks, so drivers should expect to use caution in the area for the foreseeable future.

Photo courtesy of the Caledonia Police Department.