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Mt. Pleasant Village Board June 13 2016.
The Agenda for this meeting can be viewed HERE.

Public Comment:

Highway V residents Steve Kells & Dale Steiger spoke during public comment about repealing the vote taken just 2 weeks prior to the April elections concerning the assessments to property owners along Hwy V.  It was their concern that the vote could have been taken after the election.

Jillian Schumacher, an ex payroll coordinator spoke about certain inconsistencies she was aware of and was apparently fired for being a whistle blower. See an adjacent story here on Racine County Eye concerning this news item.

New Business:

  1. Cynthia Lane water main extension resolution 22-2016 for the construction of water main and appurtenances on certain lands in the Village of Mount Pleasant. A vote was taken. The vote passed.
  2. A vote was taken to pay for item A.. The vote failed.
  3. Green Haze Avenue reconstruction – Preliminary Resolution 26-2016 was laid over to the next board meeting.


i President – Report on Lake Michigan Bluff Erosion.

ii Trustees – various comments were provided by the trustees.

iii Standing Committee Reports – June 23rd DNR will be at Mt Pleasant to get permits to work on Michigan Bluff Erosion.

There will not be a Mt Pleasant day this year.

iv Administrator/Staff – The police chief provided updates.


Adjournment at 7:35pm  The recording is one hour and 5 minutes long.


This short summary is for the purposes of letting you know what generally occurred during the meeting.
Please listen to the recording for full details.