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After at least two village paving projects came in under budget, trustees are mulling over potential pavement work on Wisconsin Street to repair crumbling asphalt on just over a mile of roadway.

Specifically, the village is looking at a pot of about $269,000 from which to draw, and Village Engineer/DPW Director Jeff Seitz said there are a couple of options for extending the life of Wisconsin Street between Highway 20 and Park Court before having to shell out significant money for a total reconstruction:

  • Use a micro-surfacing product that will fill in cracks and bumps that’s good for about five years ($75,000);
  • Leveling the roadway and then installing a 2-inch asphalt overlay that’s good for about 10 years and includes re-striping, building up the shoulders and possibly including a bike lane ($260,000);
  • Using a micro-surfacing product from Highway 20 to Park Court and using the leveler and overlay from Park Court south to Highway 11 (cost to be determined)

No decisions were made Tuesday during the continual committee meeting because Seitz needs to price out the third option.

He estimates the project would take about a week from start to finish, minimizing disruptions for drivers who travel Wisconsin Street.