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NOTE: The beginning of this meeting was not recorded.  Why?  Well, I was eating dinner at 5:30pm thinking the meeting will start at 6:30pm like it always does.  This one started at 6:00pm.

This is the raw recording.  It starts when I started the recording during Public Comment.  We lost the Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call and part of Public Comment.  My apologies.

The rest of this recording was a testament to long meetings.

Click HERE for the lengthy agenda for this meeting.

The first item was an hour long Presentation by Lori Lubinsky – Village Attorney on Open Records and Open Meeting Law.

Then a lengthy closed session to discuss amoungst the Trustees and the Village Attorney what to do about the Joe Campbell Notice of Claims by The Woods at Mt. Pleasant, LLC dated November 10, 2015.  The result?  Continued negotiations.

Next was a Presentation by John Siegert from Rails to Trails Conservancy Project.  Basically, taking old railroad train tracks and converting them into community trails which can be used by a number of communities for biking, running or walking.  Trustee Gary Feest wondered where the money was going to come from to create this project.

Sewer Lateral Agreements and a number of Contracts were awarded.

Then Special Assessment Powers were approved for Curb and Gutter along Green Haze Avenue.

A number of Approvals of New and renewals for Liquor Licenses were passed.

Then the Board convened again into closed session and came out of it announcing that a new Finance Director was hired.

Please listen to the recording for the details.