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Good looking out by a neighbor saved Chirpy Boy from an unknown fate, and now he’s ready to join your forever flock.

The folks at Wisconsin Humane Society say Chirpy Boy is about a year old and fully of personality. He’ll flock to your side because cockatiels are sociable birds who need regular interaction, including conversations in which Chirpy Boy will happily participate. If left alone for too long or too often, cockatiels will show signs of depression.

Adopting a cockatiel is no different than bringing home a new four-legged friend; it’s a lifetime commitment because they can live between 15 and 20 years.

“Stray cockatiels are indeed pretty unusual to see at the shelter, but we do get stray birds in with some regularity,” says Angela Speed with WHS. “Between our three locations, we have parakeets, a dove and one cockatiel. And Chirpy Boy is going to bring a song into someone’s heart, that’s for sure!”

To schedule an appointment to meet Chirpy Boy and learn more about how to care for a cockatiel, please call the Racine campus of WHS at (262) 554-6699.