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7-Mile Road Exit I-94

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is determined that planned improvements on I-94 will continue despite Gov. Scott Walker directing the state Department of Transportation to cut back on roads spending in Southeast Wisconsin.

Vos, R-Rochester, told The Journal Times that he’s “frustrated” with Walker’s position since the project – which includes adding lanes and improving interchanges from downtown Milwaukee south to the Illinois border – was initiated under the governor’s watch.

“I am frustrated that the project, under Governor Walker’s plan, is going to be pushed back even further, making the interstate more dangerous and more expensive,” he is quoted as saying.

Legislators last year approved $850 million in borrowing for roads projects, but funding transportation continues to be an issue. Some lawmakers would like to see new revenue come in through a gas tax or an increase in vehicle registration fees, but Walker is against both of those ideas, the story continues.

Vos told the newspaper he wants to look at all options, and his Democratic opponent, Andy Mitchell said local roads should be more of the priority.

“I’m a bit of a skeptic that we need a lot of new construction,” Mitchell told reporter Mark Schaaf. “We need to focus more on fixing what we’ve got, especially the county roads, because that’s an important part of the system for so many people.”

There was no work scheduled on I-94 in 2016. Work will resume next year on the stretch of I-94 between the Racine and Milwaukee county lines. Drivers in 2018 can expect work on the frontage roads between Highways 20 and KR as well as the intersection of Washington Avenue and Spring Street.