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In this recording of the Mt Pleasant Board Meeting for July 25 we have a few public comments from Cynthia Lane residents, a rezoning for a new Hyundai car dealership, a change in the Survey Map for the Willkomm development on the Southeast corner of Spring Street and Hwy 31, as well as awarding a contract for sewer main lining to prevent clear water from entering the sewer lines around the general area of the Indian Hills Subdivision.  Also, a couple of committee appointments were made.

In addition, prior to adjournment during Reports, President Garski created an ad-hock committee to study the question of assessments in the Village.  There was no comment made whether the discussion scheduled for the Finance/Legal/License committee on Wednesday July 27th meeting at 2:30pm would be delayed because of the creation of this Assessment ad-hock committee.

There currently is an agenda item for the Finance/Legal/License committee which states:

“12.  Option for Funding Hwy V Sanitary Sewer & Water | Discussion & Possible Action”.

There is the possibility that if there is delay, the Highway V residents may not have any other choice but to sue the Village of Mount Pleasant to change the potential State wide precedent setting policy of assessing residents in one municipality for development started by another municipality; in this case, Caledonia.  By law, there is a 90 day limit for Hwy V to bring action or else the residents may lose that opportunity.