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The Finance Legal License Committee at Mt. Pleasant started to have discussions about the assessments for Highway V.   Jerry Garski said, “I’m flabbergasted… How the Village lives with that (ed: double assessment for a resident who lives on the corner of Highway 20 and V) The assessment turns out to be 100 percent of the value of his house.  From day one it’s been a hell ride on a roller-coaster for these people on Highway V.  Committee member and Trustee, Jon Hansen (who lives on Hwy V) told his story about how the assessment would effect this family.  There are many other comments provided on the recording.

Ex Trustee Anna Marie Clausen was one of those who attended the meeting.  When President Garski asked for some background information regarding why the board forgave over one million dollars in interest from Caledonia, she said “I don’t recall the details.”

President Garski at the last Village Board meeting stated that he created an ad-hock committee composed of trustees, staff and residents who have been charged with coming up with a more reasonable way to deal with the whole assessment issue, no matter if Highway V or not.

Don Schulz, the head of the Highway V group of residents indicated that they have a time limit of 90 days to appeal the assessment in court.  He asked that the 90 day period for appeals be frozen at 60 days, to the end of July.  This would then give the board time to consider alternatives before forcing the Highway V group of residents into court.  Schulz said “if you don’t freeze it at the end of July, we will file an appeal in court.”  He continued, “I’m telling you that as a fact.”

Because the entire committee met for over 3 hours, I have edited the audio recording to include only the Highway V discussion.  That lasts for approximately an hour and 25 minutes.