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**Editor’s Note: Democratic Party of Racine County Chair Meg Andrietsch is reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Philadephia, PA.

The second night of the Democratic National Convention was the roll call night.  We had nominations for President of the United States.  US Senator Barbara Mikulski nominated Hillary Clinton, and Congressman John Lewis was one of the seconders.  These two giants in American history were the perfect choices to nominate Secretary Clinton.

We all had voted as individuals (representing the people in our Congressional Districts, where we were elected as delegates).  Our votes were totaled by state and we listened and watched as each state announced their total votes.  We go through the state list in alphabetical order, so Wisconsin was next to last (Wyoming is last).  We all gathered around the Wisconsin pole and cheered madly for our state.  US Senator Tammy Baldwin announced our votes.
When all the voting was done, we had voted to nominate HIllary Clinton for President of the United States.  Then we had speakers who knew Hillary and told stories of her life and about the work she has done for all of us.
The first President Clinton (Bill) told his story of meeting Hillary and of their courtship, and of their life together.  He was a spellbinding speaker, and made the case for her election.
Then we did the bus thing again.  It’s probably as efficient as it could be, but standing outside in a packed group in 90+ temperatures for 30 minutes, following a day that started at 730, leads to a desire for a shower and some sleep.  However, there’s always another event and more people to meet.
And on Wednesday, day 3, we had another line up of speakers at our breakfast.  US Senator Cory Booker was inspiring and charming.  We heard from our labor friends, and Emily’s list, too.
The Wisconsin delegation had a hospitality hour each afternoon from one pm until two pm each day.  We had cheesesteaks on Monday, Philly Pretzels on Tuesday, and ice cream on Wednesday as the special treats while we gathered and planned to take the bus or the subway to the Wells Fargo center.  It was a nice way to feel connected and to get to know all the Wisconsin delegates, their families, friends and supporters.
And then there was Wednesday night. It was an emotional night.  We heard from mothers of murdered children and were all moved to tears by their stories.
Michael Bloomberg, ex Mayor of New York, was an electrifying speaker as he explained why the Republican nominee is wrong for America.
If ever there was a beloved member of the Democratic family, it has to be Joe Biden.  His personal story was heartbreaking and uplifting.  We all cried when he spoke of his son Beau.  My favorite part was when he said people were ‘made strong in the broken places’.
He told us, as only Joe could, about why we should vote for Hillary.
Our Vice Presidential nominee is US Senator Tim Kaine.  He impressed us all with his speech, and surprised us with his fluent Spanish.
As good as Michelle Obama’s speech was on Monday, I’d be hard pressed to find a better speech than the one her husband gave last night.  Our President is a master speechmaker, and he made the case for Hillary being President.  He noted that she is the best prepared person in history for the job, and that included himself and Bill.
When he finished speaking, amid all the cheering and clapping and yelling, the biggest surprise was when Hillary walked on stage.  To see our President and Hillary hugging was almost overwhelming.  It was the perfect way to end the night.
And so begins the final day of convention.  Tonight we hear from our nominee, Hillary Clinton.
Bu the way, please forgive any typos or poorly worded sentences.  I am not at my best after 4 hours of sleep several nights in a row.  It’s such an honor to be here and be a part of history, sleep seems unimportant.