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Whether or not Racine welcomes a new Steak ‘n Shake restaurant – this time on Washington Avenue near downtown – remains to be seen, but plans to build the accompanying gas station and convenience store continue forward.

The Journal Times is reporting that the owners of Twins Food Mart, 1812 16th Street, are still planning on building a new gas station at 930 Washington, but that Steak ‘n Shake is not the first priority.

“Our main priority is getting the gas station open,” Bashar Qedan told the newspaper. “We’re not even thinking about a franchise.”

The development site is the former of the Total 24 gas station next to Popeye’s at Marquette and Washington Avenues.

While the city Planning Commission questioned how and when fuel trucks would get into and out of the station to fill tanks because of tight traffic patterns in the area, commissioners did not place implement any restrictions, the story continues.

Whether or not the convenience store will include beer and liquor sales remains to be seen. During the common council meeting Monday residents had the opportunity to weigh in during a public hearing.

Only Kayleen Kinsley from the Racine Youth Coalition spoke up, the newspaper reported, and her primary concern was how many liquor licenses Racine gives out compared to the city’s overall population.

Construction could begin in by the end of September for a March opening.