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The odds of Racine landing the new Milwaukee Bucks NBA D-League team are improving.

Grand Chute recently retracted their offer due to concerns about being able to build an arena by the 2017 season. Elsewhere, the Bucks removed La Crosse from consideration because the city is too far from Milwaukee. This effectively makes it a three city race between Oshkosh, Racine, and Sheboygan.

While I still believe Oshkosh has the best chance to land the D-League team (followed by Sheboygan), the Bucks’ concern about proximity to Milwaukee only helps Racine’s chances. It also helps that Racine County is proactively considering this opportunity. The county will contribute about $4,500 to an arena study, which is also being funded by members of Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC).

The chances of Racine getting a D-League team likely hinge on the results of that study. If it’s determined that it does not make economic sense to build an arena then Racine’s chances of getting a team are essentially null and void. Conversely, if the opposite is determined then Racine could start building some nice momentum in their endeavor to land professional basketball team.

As you can tell by the wording of this article, there is preciously little concrete information to discuss. At this point in the process all we can do is speculate. That said, speculation is a great past-time and it’s fun to think about something that would put Racine firmly on the NBA’s map. Hopefully the next few weeks – and the arena study – will bring some good news.