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In this edition of Mt Pleasant Village Board Meetings for August 8, 2016, the agenda had 13 items and trustees made news during the Reports section of the meeting as well.

In item #1 the Board voted to set a public hearing on the Hwy V issue prior to the next Village Board Meeting.  Staff was to come up with the date and time.  We suggest you hear the recording during that first part of the meeting to understand all the entire factual aspects.

Next, Village Assessor Dan McHugh had a total of 4 separate agenda items.  Everything from a report on the Annual Assessment to a tax settlement with Walgreens on the value of 2 of their properties during 2014 and 2015.  In addition, another settlement with Arby’s concerning an assessment of their property value for tax purposes was also brought to the board to accept.  The requests to accept the settlements with Walgreens and Arby’s were both approved by the board.  Next, Assessor Dan McHugh asked the board to accept a direction he would like to take the Village regarding Assessments Village wide.  Currently, the Village Assessments is at 94% of value.  He suggests that next year the Board approve an increase so a range of 95% to 105% of value be approved.  This apparently would not effect your taxes you pay.  Listen to the recording for clarification.

A Pike River Pathway Design Agreement was approved.  Trustee Gary Feest asked a number of clarifying questions of staff.

There were also a couple of rezoning items.  The first was for the Wisconsin Humane Society’s proposed new location.

For most trustees, the biggest issue generating the most phone calls for them has been over Ordinance 90-1012 regarding Private Residential Parking.  The controversy is over people wanting the ordinance to change to allow parking RV’s and boats in a driveway in front of a garage.  After discussion, the Village Board decided not to make any changes to the ordinance.  The ordinance says you may not park a RV or boat in front of your garage in your driveway.  You may park them in a paved side yard, however.  Enforcement of the ordinance depends on whether there has been a complaint generated.  So, as long as you park a 50 foot RV in your driveway and no one complains, you are good to go.  But if someone complains then you may need to make some adjustments.

During the Reports segment, President Garski gave an update on the Lake Michigan erosion issue plaguing residents of the LakeView Park area along Lake Michigan.  David Degroot questioned that effort saying “In as much as you want to do all you can to help, sometimes as it’s hard to do, it’s best to do nothing.” This, after questioning “on whose authority did you, The President, have to commit public dollars for private home owners”.

President Garski gave a detailed response to Mr. Degroot’s question for over 8 minutes.  Mr. Garski stated he found a contractor who would donate the transport of the concrete.  President Garski also stated no funds were used from the Village of Mt. Pleasant.  You can hear it for yourself at time stamp 01:51:45.