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A new digital sign will go up in Sturtevant next summer complete with full-color, digital messaging to help residents and visitors stay up on village news and special events.

Trustee Carrie Harbach confirmed Wednesday that the sign will cost $44,000 and will be covered by the budget established for the new public works building.

“It is part of the budget for the DPW building/village campus,” she said after the continual committee meeting. “It should be installed by August of next year.”

The sign has been under discussion for months as plans for the new DPW building moved forward.

In other news, former Trustee Linda Busha and village volunteer Rose Woodruff were given the green light to form an ad hoc committee to study a potential Sturtevant library.

The idea was originally broached earlier this year when trustees asked residents for ideas on how they’d like the Highway 11 corridor to develop.

“I’d like to see a library in Sturtevant where people can host their group meetings, we can have guest speakers, and host book clubs,” Woodruff said during a committee meeting last fall.

She told The Journal Times that other small towns have libraries, even if they’re only open a couple of days a week.

“We could start by being open just a couple of days a week,” Woodruff is quoted as saying. “But our library access would be multiplied tenfold, compared to two hours at a bookmobile.”

To fund start-up costs, Woodruff said she would write for grants. She hopes to have the library open within three years.