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Road Work Ahead Digital Sign

Drivers shouldn’t talk on their phones and drive as a general rule, but starting Oct. 1 it could net you a fine if police catch you with it in a work zone.

FOX 6 Now is reporting that a bill sponsored by Rep. Frederick Kessler, D-Milwaukee, goes into effect Oct. 1 making it illegal to talk, text, or otherwise use a cell phone in a work zone. Hands-free use is not affected, though.

“There were just a tremendous number of accidents as a result of people who ended up basically texting and driving or talking and driving,” Kessler told the news station about why he introduced the legislation.

The state Department of Transportation is using a variety of media to inform drivers of the new regulation, including messages on electronic boards above state expressways and in construction zones.

A first offense comes with fines between $20 and $40.