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Two new police officers were sworn into service.
Note:  The swearing in of the two officer segment of the recording was edited out because they were very far away from any microphones in the room.

Public comments by 3 citizens were heard.

Resolution 29-2016 – Releasing certain properties from the right of recovery obligations associated with the extension of water service to the Jamestown Subdivision was agreed to by voting unanimously.

Svoboda provided an update to the 2016 Kraut Music Fest. They are already planning the fest for 2017.

The Village Board voted to reinstate the technology committee for the Village. During discussion, Trustees Dave DeGroot and John Hewitt questioned the need for a technology committee. Jennifer Robers, the current IT coordinator for the Village indicated the committee would be a help for her. Gary Feest cited better utilization of the Village Web site was needed to help citizens keep up with what is going on at Village Hall.  The vote was 5 aye and 2 no (Dave Degroot and John Hewitt). Motion passed.

A number of license approvals were approved.


President: Provided an update to the lake front erosion project.

Trustees: Dave DeGroot spoke about his first meeting attending the Citizens Police Academy. Gary Feest commented on speed enforcement in the Village. Suggested village citizens should aware of the their speed while driving. Jerry Garski and some of the other trustees spoke about the fire training experience they participated in.

Standing Committee Reports: Sonny Havn reported on a visit by the Army Corp on the Pike River project.

Administrator/Staff: Tim Zarzeki gave updates on the Police Academy. The Fire Chief gave potential budget issues.

The meeting lasted one hour and 15 minutes.