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Mount Pleasant trustees Monday are expected to formally enter into an $11,000 agreement that will allow Racine police officers to use the Mount Pleasant Police Department’s firing range.

The agreement was approved last month in the City of Racine after RAPD police Chief Art Howell made a presentation to the city’s Finance and Personnel Committee, a story in The Journal Times reads.

Making the MPPD firing range available for the village’s officers as well as the city’s will both save money and keep officers safe in both jurisdictions.

Because necessary target practice was usually done outside an officer’s regularly scheduled shift, they were paid overtime to keep their certification current. Once the agreement is approved, officers can schedule range time during their shift and return to duty once they complete their practice.

Having a secure range only available to police officers also eliminates safety concerns at public shooting ranges. For example, there have been several shooting incidents at Shooters, a popular range in Caledonia used by officers across the greater Racine area.

The Mount Pleasant range was part of the plan when the village hall on Campus Drive was under construction, but it was never completed. Trustees in November 2014 approved $350,000 borrowed from the village’s sewer utility to help outfit the room. The rest came from $75,000 from SC Johnson, $80,000 in impact fees and $7,000 won by Officer Eric Geise in a shooting contest in 2013.

Revenues generated by agreements with surrounding jurisdictions will pay for the maintenance of the firing range.

The Mount Pleasant Village Board meeting begins at 6:30 Monday at Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive. Call (262) 664-7800.