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This is a recording of the Candidate Forum for Racine County District Attorney.   Sponsored by the Racine Interfaith Coalition and presented at the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection at 6:30pm October 6, 2016.   Present were the candidates,  Tom Binger (D) currently an assistant district attorney in Kenosha County and Tricia Hansen (R) currently deputy district attorney for Racine County.  The moderator was Dwayne Olsen for the Racine Interfaith Coalition.  It was estimated that 110 people attended the forum.

Click the play button of the first video (below) to hear the recording.  The forum lasted about an hour and twenty minutes.  However, the beginning introductions were lost due to a technical problem.  The recording begins with Dwayne Olsen introducing the candidates with their introductions.


Interesting to note, unlike all previous questions during the forum, which were answered by both of the candidates, a question from the audience asked Tricia Hansen to provide a comment about the Federal Hatch Act which she had been accused of violating.  That law prevents candidates from using pictures of the candidate with non elected law enforcement personnel among other restrictions.

For background here is a previous Racine County Eye story about Tom Binger and Tricia Hansen previously trading barbs:

However, that last audience question was given to Tricia Hansen, by the moderator, as an “option” to answer.  Tricia Hansen declined to comment.  This was challenged by a number of audience members.  The audience member who wrote the question questioned why only this question was not being answered.

Here is that interaction from that 30 second portion of the entire audio recording:

In the end it will be you, the voter, who will decide the outcome of this race.  Remember to vote on November 8th.