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Village Board Meeting Recording for October 10, 2016

Public Comment: Mike Devine spoke about the budget as well as the high cost of Bus Service in Mount Pleasant.

Consent Agenda: Approval of minutes for the Village Board meeting of Sept 26, 2016.

New Business:

  • A presentation was given about the 2016 Bus (Belle Urban System) Service by Michael Maierle, Transit System Manager. The Belle Urban system proposed an $61,408 increase in costs to Mount Pleasant tax payers. A lengthy discussion occurred but no action was taken.
  • Noppe Farm LLC Certified Map change requested. The vote was to approve unanimously.
  • The board went into closed session to consider an Information Technology Department wage increase as well as a bonus for the lead accountant.
  • Returning to Open session: The IT department head received an increase in salary to $65,000. The lead accountant is to receive a $12,000 bonus.


  • President – update on bluff erosion.
  • Trustees – Jon Hansen said work continues on the budget. Gary Feest suggested a Million dollars of cuts in the budget.
  • Standing Committee Reports – Pike river continues to be worked on.
  • Administrator/Staff – Monday, Oct 10, 2016 was the first day of early voting. 250 people voted.

Adjournment at 8:03pm