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The above recording documents a Zoning Public Hearing – October 18, 2016 – 6:30pm

The information below is only a summary.  For details please hear the recording for yourself.

The purpose of this hearing was to consider proposed amendments from the public to the zoning ordinance of the Village of Mount Pleasant as it affects the zoning regulations and boundaries of a zoning district within the Village.  Three petitions for modification were on the agenda.

#1 Request was Rezone Petition RZ-08-16. 2426 Newman Rd. Requests permission to rezone about .45 acres to construct an oversized garage. The applicant spoke in favor of the petition. Various neighbors also spoke in favor of the petition.

#2 Request was Rezone Petition RZ-09-16. The applicant, Joe Campbell, who owns vacant land along County Highway KR requested a zone change from residential single family to residential multi-family/Overlay planned development to construct a multi-building senior/assisted living campus. Ron Meyer spoke as a consultant in support of the requested change. Present also were the operator and designer of the project to explain the project which includes skilled care (nursing home) and assisted living services. The building size proposed would be approximately 179,000 square feet.

The public then was given the chance to comment and/or ask questions. They were segregated to those public members both for and against the project. Those speaking against included concerns about additional traffic and devaluation of the their properties. A number of people were concerned that the original concept of Campbell Woods was 74 acres of single family residential development but the new development does not conform to that. Kelly Gallaher spoke for the project pointing out that our population is aging with the needs that population requires. The need for additional institutions for the care of our aging family will become an increasing need.

#3 Request was Rezone Petition RZ-10-16. 417 S. Green Bay Rd. Requests permission to rezone about 1.8 acres to construct an oversized garage.

Tomorrow, October 19, 2016 at 1:00 pm, the Planning Commission will meet to take up the above rezone requests, prior to potentially sending these to the Village Board for a vote for approval.