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Nearly 10 years after Racine Produce closed its doors at Elmwood Plaza, the shopping centre is getting a Save-A-Lot grocery store.

The space measures nearly 31,000 square feet, which is more than twice the size of a typical Save-A-Lot, a story in The Journal Times reads. Save-A-Lot on State and Memorial is only about 12,000 square feet.

The city Building Department issued a renovation permit to get the space ready for occupation and eventual shoppers. No other permit is needed, the story continues, in order for the store to open its doors.

Chief Building Inspector Ken Plaski told the newspaper the new store will hire 25 people.

According to the Save-A-Lot website, the chain keeps prices low by offering fresh produce and meat products as well as “what customers buy most” in a smaller space with wider aisles so customers can start and complete their shopping quickly.

“(With) 1,800 products, we offer what our customers buy most, thus reducing the need for space and eliminating slow moving products from our distribution,” the About Us page reads.

The newspaper story does not state when shoppers can expect to start visiting the new store.

Save-A-Lot is the first significant new development for Elmwood Plaza, which went up for auction earlier this year. It has a total of 281,582 of leasable space and was assessed for $3.8 million, down from its 2005 sale price of $8.2 million.

City assessment records indicate the auction was unsuccessful, and Highland Park Terrace Corporation of Oak Brook, IL, remains the owner.