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Village of Sturtevant residents overwhelmingly voted for Republican candidates Tuesday, giving Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Robin Vos and Tricia Hanson decidedly more votes than their Democratic opponents.

Village Administrator/Clerk Mary Cole recorded 2,725 voters out of more than 3,175 total registered voters, putting turnout there at 85 percent.

Here’s how it shook out there:

President of the United States:

Donald Trump: 1,372
Hillary Clinton: 1,142

U.S. Senator:

Ron Johnson: 1,420
Russ Feingold: 1,142

1st Congressional District:

Paul Ryan: 1,616
Ryan Solen: 881

63rd Assembly District:

Robin Vos: 1,471
Andy Mitchell: 1,087

Racine County District Attorney:

Tricia Hanson: 1,473
Tom Binger: 1,069