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UPDATE Nov. 21: Okay Spies, this is where the hunt begins and with something some men find no use for while on a journey.  Figure out where this is to begin shedding light on the instructions for the rest of your treasure hunt throughout all of Racine. We hear that if you find the clues, treasure awaits to all who find it.

Remember this is the only clue you’ll get online. The others are in the stores. Don’t forget to use the #RacineCountyEyeHolidayJam hashtag when you post your photos on social media.

Spies… Here is your mission.

Hunt for deals this holiday season and treasure with the Racine County Eye news Eye Spy Holiday Jam treasure hunt, which runs from Nov. 21 through Dec. 23.

Each participating retailer will hide one clue in several places in their store.  That clue will lead you to the next hiding spot.  See the list of participating retailers on the Racine County Eye news website Nov. 21, but please know we’re also hiding clues in public places as well.

How it works:

 Once you find the clue, present it to the clerk for your Holiday Jam Special deal.

 Take a picture of the clue at the store with either the an employee or a product they sell.  In some public areas, a selfie by the spot you found the clue will do.

 Post it on Facebook AND Instagram (if you have it) with the hashtag #RacineCountyEyeHolidayJam (Yes you must do this or we won’t know you are an official participant).

 RETURN  the clue to the employee/owner

Each retailer has provided us with a gift for the final winning grand prize package.


While we realize these expectations are needed for very few, we at Racine County Eye feel a responsibility to our businesses to share these expectations:

 Please be respectful of public areas. No littering or damaging of area.

 Be respectful and accommodating to the store employees, owners and establishment overall.

 If they are with a customer you will need to wait your turn; look around, you know it is the season for finding unique gifts for people/pets on your list.

 Do Not mess up the store or displays.  We know you are excited but tossing things about will not be tolerated.

 You Break it, You Buy it says it all.  The store personnel have the right to ask you to leave.

 Please, Please, Please, be safe and have fun.  Be kind to one another.

Participating Retailers/Public Spots

Avenue Pet Shoppe, 3222 Washington Ave., Racine

Blue Dove Spa & Tanning, 2030 Lathrop Avenue

DP Wigley Company/Hop To It Brewing & Winemaking Supplies, 234 Wisconsin Ave.

Larsen’s Bakery, 3311 Washington Ave., Racine

Lighthouse Gallery & Gifts, 10351 Washington Ave., Sturtevant

Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly, 5201 Washington Ave., Racine

Refined Salvage & Pallet Designs, 1137 Hayes Ave.

Racine Heritage Museum, 701 Main St.

Racine Public Library, 75 Seventh St.

Rasumussen Diamonds, 6220 Washington Ave., Mount Pleasant

Real Racine (Racine County Visitor’s Bureau), 14015 Washington Aven, Sturtevant

Red Moon, 335 Main St., Racine

Uncorkt, 240 Main St., Racine

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.

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