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The City of Racine is now accepting online payments for traffic tickets and municipal citations.

Municipal Judge Rebecca Mason made the announcement last week, allowing adults age 18 and over to avoid having to mail in a check or money order or visiting the Racine Police Department, a story in The Journal Times reads.

To make an online payment, users should visit and use a credit and debit card. There is a $3.50 charge for every online transaction.

When Mason threw her hat into the ring last April for consideration for municipal judge, she promised that, if successful, she would implement modern technologies.

“I will embrace the opportunity to modernize the court experience. Bringing technology to the court will make it a better experience for our residents and has the potential to bring in new revenue to the City,” she wrote in a press release sent to local media.

The Racine Police Department has been accepting online parking ticket payments, also with an extra fee. To pay a parking ticket online, users can follow this link:

In addition to the ability to pay traffic tickets and citations online, Mason plans to introduce a computer system to replace the current paper and typewriter method.

She told the newspaper she hopes to have a vendor chosen by early next year and the new system implemented shortly thereafter.



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