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A Racine man was arrested Monday for battery and disorderly conduct after he called 911 to report a smell of gas in the 1500 block of Isabelle Avenue.

Billy Billups, 37, told police he smelled gas and called for help, then discovered his girlfriend’s car had hit the gas meter, according to the criminal complaint filed against him in Racine County Circuit Court.

Billups said he went outside and discovered his girlfriend’s car had hit the gas meter. He did not see the vehicle crash into the meter, he told police, but his story kept changing when he was asked for more details.

Police reported he woke up to the smell of gas, and went outside to find the car at the meter, and then said he dropped his girlfriend off at the house and returned to find the gas leak. Another time he said the girlfriend was never with him, then that she came home with him, and in a third version, he came home alone and she showed up later.

As officers talked with Billups, the girlfriend arrived, and said she had left on foot after Billups hit her.

She said they had been out at a bar earlier that night, and that when they got into an argument, Billups struck her in the face. She said she then went inside, grabbed some things – including her dog – and tried to leave.

She told police she couldn’t get around Billups’ vehicle, so she ran off. She said she left the vehicle in the driveway with the keys inside it, and that the gas meter was intact when she left.

The officer noted both of them appeared to have been drinking. Since there was unsufficient evidence to determine who was driving the vehicle, it was considered a hit-and-run crash.