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A guest in a Union Grove home where a woman shot her husband about midnight Tuesday tried to stop the two from fighting, according to the criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Racine County Circuit Court.

Two teenage boys were in the home that night, according to the complaint. One of them told deputies that they had been watching Netflix when the man who was shot came into the room and began telling jokes and fooling around. The boy said he could tell the man was drunk.

Sleeping in a room across the hall was Phyllis Vernice Madeja, 41. She woke up and told her husband to leave the boys alone.

Both adults left the room, but began arguing. Their son asked them to be quiet, and the other boy said he saw the man push Madeja, and that she pushed him back.

The boy tried telling the man to stop hitting his wife, the complaint states, but the two adults continued to argue and push each other around. Madeja told the boys to pack their things, and said they were going to a hotel for the night. As Madeja tried to walk away, her husband punched her in the face. She then grabbed two guns, and as the man reached for one, it went off and he fell to the ground.

While at the hospital, a deputy overheard Madeja say: “I know that I should not have shot my husband. I feel bad about that.”

Deputies said she was upset when they arrived at the home. They found two pistols in the home, sitting on a dryer in the hallway. One was a silver revolver and the other a black and silver semi-automatic.

Madeja is charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety and first-degree reckless injury for the Tuesday shooting.