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Several upsets have taken place in Sturtevant, Caledonia, one aldermanic race in Racine, and Mount Pleasant where the incumbents  lost their seat.

Long-time Village President Steve Jansen lost against Jayme Hoffman. Mike Rosenbaum, Mark Villalpando, and John Johnson made the cut for Sturtevant Village Trustee. Mount Pleasant Village President Jerry Garski lost against David DeGroot, who also won his seat for village trustee.

Here are the latest election results for the 2017 Spring election. Please keep checking back for more results.

City of Racine Referendum

Yes 3,597

No 858

State Superintendent

Tony Evers 12,793

Lowell E. Holtz 8,164

Caledonia Village Trustee

Jay Benkowski 1,244

David Prott 1,164

Elmwood Park Village President

Ellis Steiner 44

Kathleen J. Wells 80

Elmwood Park Village Trustee

Kathleen J. Wells 98

Laura Rude 101

Ernie S. Rossi 105

Mount Pleasant Village President

Jerry Garski  1,636

David DeGroot  2,156

Mount Pleasant Village Trustee No. 1

Charles Haakma 1,327

John C. Hewitt 2,300

Mount Pleasant Village Trustee No. 3

Sonny Havn 1,923

Dale Steger 1,767

Mount Pleasant Village Trustee No. 5

John Martini 1,788

David DeGroot 1,939

Racine Alderperson, District No. 1

Jeff Coe 134

Cortney Marshall 82

Racine Alderperson, District No. 3 

Michael D. Shields 179

John Tate, II 184

Racine Alderperson, District No. 5  

David Ley 100

Steve Smetana 351

Racine Alderperson, District No. 7

Raymond J. DeHahn 231

Eric L. Mohr 102

Racine Alderperson, District No. 15

Jerry Hooyman 142

Melissa Lemke 537

Sturtevant Village President

Steven D. Jansen 214

Jayme Hoffman 338

Sturtevant Village Trustee

Chris Wright 281

Mike Rosenbaum 367

Mark Villalpando 339

John Johnson 310

Wind Point Village Trustee

Charles Manning 200

Martin C. Meissner 197

Donald Gloo 181

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.