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This is a recording of the full open session Village Board Meeting for Mount Pleasant for January 9, 2017 at 6:00pm

The first agenda item was to go into closed session to discuss strategy with legal counsel concerning litigation it may become involved with.  Specifically, Senior Campus at Campbell Woods LLC.

Upon returning back to open session, the board indicated they will continue to work with their attorney.

Public Comment:

Don Schulz spoke about Highway V and Campbell Woods.

At 7 minutes and 55 seconds into the recording, Kelly Gallaher spoke about how a business in Mt. Pleasant has been operating against the Village’s zoning board agreements for years.  Listen to the recording for her insights.  Also, many residents spoke against the rezoning of Campbell Woods to accommodate a senior care center.

In addition, during the public comment segment at 15 minutes and 20 seconds into the recording,  Chuck Haakma rose to provide public comment but Trustee David Degroot reminded Village President, Jerry Garski that the Village has an ordinance to prevent anyone who is running for public office is prevented from speaking during Public Comment.  Mr. Haakma asked “don’t I have freedom of speech?”  Trustee David Degroot replied “when you are on the ballot, no.”  He ultimately was prevented from speaking.  Listen to the full exchange in the recording.

New Business:

A) A motion to donate land for the Habitat for Humanity House at 2109 Racine Street was voted on which passed unanimously.

B) A motion to enact Special Assessment Ordinance 1-2017, an ordinance to Amend The Code of Ordinances of the Village with reference to Policies for recouping costs of Infrastructure improvements, was voted on which resulted in a unanimous yes vote.

C) Motion to certify a Survey Map for Primuth owner/applicant.  The vote was approved 7 to zero.

D) Motion to certify a Survey Map for Wisconsin Aluminum Recycling, LLC owner/Beck Holders, LLC Applicant.  The vote was approved unanimously.

E) Deferred – see related story elsewhere on Racine County Eye

F) Deferred – see related story elsewhere on Racine County Eye

G) The Board convened into closed session to consider wage adjustments for the Village Clerk Treasurer and Deputy Clerk.

H) The Board reconvened into open session to consider any motions discussed under the closed session.  The vote was to increase the wages the deputy clerk unanimously.  The vote for the Clerk Treasurer was 4 to 3 to deny the increase of wages.


President: None

Trustees: Gary Feest was disturbed how Chuck Haakma was treated during public comment.

Finance Director: Audit is finalized.  A presentation will be provided at a future board meeting. The Village Web site will show the 2017 budget starting next week.

Standing Committee: Finance Legal License will be discussing Village Structure in the next meeting of that committee.  Ken Otwaska spoke about a heated discussion at the EMS meeting how there are no standards for response times for Fire and Rescue.

Administrator/staff: None

Adjournment:   At 9:38pm