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So this made us go… awww. Thumbelina, a 1.54 pound Chihuaha, may be the tiniest dog in Wisconsin. She went to a good home on Thursday after a brief stay at a foster home through the Wisconsin Humane Society.

At three months old, staff at the Wisconsin Humane Society don’t believe Thumbelina will tip the scale at more than two pounds. Afterall, she’s the tiniest dog. And, she fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and outweighs even an eight-week-old kitten.

“Thumbelina is definitely the smallest dog ever adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society,” said Angela Speed, vice president of communications for WHS.

Her family was unable to take care of her so she was given up by her owners just before Thanksgiving.

Who Took The Tiniest Dog Home?

Brent and Jenny Stache, of Oak Creek. They are friends with the foster family that was taking care of her and fell in love with her.

“We’re over the moon about our family getting a wee bit bigger today,” said Jenny Stache, Thumbelina’s adopter. “We have another Chihuahua from WHS and we just adore her and know they’ll be great friends.”

Just in case you were wondering, Miracle Milly, is the smallest dog in the world — according to Guinness World Records. She barely tips the scale at 1 pound and calls Puerto Rico home.




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