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If you are looking for a lead pipe in your home, you may not find one. Most homes in the City of Racine likely have galvanized plumbing or copper plumbing internally in their homes. So you won’t see lead pipes.

Solder used in copper plumbing fixtures used to contain some lead. Faucets and fixtures are made from smelted metal likely from countries outside the USA and the metals melted down to make them can come from a number of sources, so the innocent looking faucet in your kitchen or bathroom could contribute lead. So just because you have copper plumbing doesn’t mean you don’t have lead.

The chemical we add to the treatment process bonds to metallic surfaces and provides a protective coating between bare pipes and the water being transported in the pipes. We don’t have lead in the Lake. We don’t have lead at the treatment plant. We don’t have lead in the pipes in the street. So the only lead can be in the service lateral in the street (public) and the service lateral in your front yard (Private).

Keith Haas is the general manager of the Racine Water and Wastewater Utilities.





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