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A snow shovel reported stolen from a Racine home was later found at a pawn shop, according to court records.

A man called Racine Police Friday morning to report he had video of someone coming into his back yard on Jan. 3 and stealing his snow shovel. The man wanted to prosecute for the trespassing and theft, if the suspect was caught.

An officer who worked in that neighborhood helped identify a suspect, Keith Smith, 61. Smith lived a few blocks from where the theft took place.

Police took their investigation to a Douglas Avenue pawn shop, where an employee confirmed Smith “is a frequent customer who sells items often,” according to court records.

The employee said the pawn shop on Jan. 3 paid Smith $15 for seven snow shovels and at least one ice chopper from Smith. One shovel matched the description of the stolen item.

Keith M. Smith, 61, is charged with trespassing and theft for the incident.