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January 23, 2017
Mt Pleasant Village Board Meeting started at 6:00pm
This is a full recording of the meeting.
Note:  All previous recordings are available here sorted by date.  Merely bookmark this link for future access.

Public Comment:

A number of residents of the Campbell Woods subdivision spoke against the Senior Campus at Campbell Woods. Kelly Gallaher spoke in favor to the development. Ms. Gallaher noted there are no legal reasons why this project should not proceed. Further, she suggested the Village could be opening themselves up to a Federal law suit, such as other municipalities have apparently discovered in the Midwest who denied equal rights to senior citizens. Others spoke about the increased number of jobs created, negative impacts to the environment and numerous other opinions. The comment period lasted over a half hour.

New Business:

  1. Approval of snow plowing by Lenny Hannula was approved.
  2. Appointment of Ad Hoc Parks Committee members. Listen to the recording for the list of members. They were approved.
  3. A resolution authorizing a Memorandum of Understanding with Racine County regarding Cost-Sharing for Sycamore Avenue Median Work was made. The vote was approved unanimously.
  4. A request for a Certified Survey Map Application for TANDR, LLC Owner/Daruma Wisconsin, LLC Applicant was approved.
  5. A request for a Certified Survey Map Application by many various owners. Listen to the recording for the list of owners. The application was approved.
  6. A motion was provided to approve the job description for the Village Administrator and HR Director position and posting of the positions. Dave Degroot added that the Administrator position should add the words “engages and negotiates contracts”. The modified motion was approved.
  7. Rezone petition RZ-09-16 and ordinance 16-2016 located along County Highway KR was given for Senior Campus at Campbell Woods. A summary was provided by Village staff. The board voted to suspend the rules to provide for discussion prior to a motion being made. A lengthy discussion then occurred by the board followed by .Joe Campbell, the developer, giving a presentation to the Village Board as well as a period of question and answers with the Village Board. A motion was made for the rezone. It was approved 4 yes and 3 no.  Note:  See our specific story about the approval of Senior Campus at Campbell Woods here.
  8. Senior Campus at Campbell Woods Conditional Use application. A motion was created to return back to the planning commission so a 2nd access road could be provided to comply with fire codes.. The vote to approve returning to the planning commission was denied 4 to 3. Another vote was made. The Board voted to approve the Conditional Use application 4 to 3 without returning it back to the planning commission.
  9. A motion was made for approval for a Site/Building/Operational Plan for Senior Campus at Campbell Woods, LLC. The vote was to approve 4 yes – 3 no.
  10. The Board entered into closed session to consider a Community Development Director position at the Village.
  11. The Board returned into open session. The Administrator was directed to seek a Community Development Director.

Reports: Please listen to the recording.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm. Length of meeting was 3 hours.