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After failing to allocate funds last year during their budget process, the Sturtevant Village Board is continuing to discuss the possibility of building a local library.

But they are faced with the prospect of paying for their library and their share of the library in downtown Racine for during the same year.

No one on the board voiced opposition to the prospect of a Sturtevant library, though some, including trustee John Johnson, were hesitant about moving forward.

“We missed the bus when we did the budget,” Johnson said. “As long as we missed the bus, there’s no reason to rush into this.”

The problem of double paying in one year is related to the sewer agreement because the money needed to support the library is levied by the county, said Trustee Chris Wright.

“So for the first year we would have to pay to operate the Sturtevant library and make a levy payment for the Racine library,” he wrote in an email to Racine County Eye.

Estimates for the payment exacted by the city, according Wright, are a bit over $149,000.

Operation costs for operating the Sturtevant library are estimated to be about $154,000. This figure does not include capital costs for constructing the building.

Wright, who is a strong supporter of the library, said capital projects like this would contribute to the quality of life in Sturtevant and make it uniquely attractive for businesses and families looking at the village.

Wright added that after telling his 11-year-old daughter about the library proposal she already began, “Picking out spots on Hwy 11,” in anticipation.

The matter will continue to be discussed in committee.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.