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February 13, 2017

Village of Mt. Pleasant Board meeting at 6:30pm

Previous recordings may be found at this link.  Bookmark this link if you wish future access to this recording and all others.


Public Comment:

Chuck Haakma rose to speak at public comment but was admonished from doing so because of a Mt. Pleasant ordinance stating if a citizen is running for public office they may not speak.  David DeGroot broke in to the conversation to state “gavel him”. President Garski told Trustee Degroot he controls the meeting.

New Business:

Item B was taken before item A

B) Unanimous yes vote occurred to approve ordinance 2-2017 confirming transfer of territory from the Village of Sturtevant to the Village of Mt. Pleasant pursuant to the August 4, 2013 cooperative boundary plan.

A) Approval of resolution 2-2017 to establish ward assignments and designating polling location. Passed unanimously.

C ) Mount Pleasant Park-Professional Services Agreement for Phase 1 Park Development. It was approved unanimously.

D) To convene into closed session to both consider the Community Development Director position as well as to confer with legal counsel concerning Menards.

E) Reconvene into open session to consider motions discussed in closed session. The report out of closed session was the board decided the Community Development Director position should receive a salary of $62,500 for Sam Schultz. Regarding Menards, continued discussion will continue.


President: transparency (listen to recording)

Trustees: Ken Otwaska who attended the EMS oversight meeting had issues over response times. More information to come.  Gary Feest wants to get legal advice to remove the political candidate public comment ordinance.

Finance Director:None

Standing Committees: Listen to recording.

Administrator/Staff: Residential assessments will be re-assessed.

Adjournment: Adjourned at 7:54pm  (recording is 24 minutes in length)