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A man made his initial appearance in court today for several assault charges he committed while incarcerated, according to a criminal complaint by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office.

When Luis C. Granados Jr., 26, was in custody at the Racine County on June 20, 2015,  he urinated on the floor of a common area and kicked the glass of his cell until corrections officers were forced to restrain him in an emergency restraint chair. While strapped in, he spit on an officer’s face.

According to the complaint, he was combative throughout the entire process. Officers brought him to a padded cell. While in the cell, Granados chewed halfway through the leather shoulder restraint.

On November 26, 2015 He was found to be cutting himself in his jail cell. When corrections officers attempted to strap him down on an emergency restrain board he bit one of the corrections officers.

Later, on May 24, 2016, Granados was transported to Ascension – All Saints Hospital for a colonoscopy. There, he began to make vulgar, threatening statements. He was combative and struggled with officers as they attempted to restrain him.

He lashed out at officers kicking two of them causing injuries.

He’s charged with three counts of disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property, two counts of resisting an officer, four counts of battery by a prisoner and one count of discharge bodily fluids at a public safety worker.