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Two Racine men have been charged with stealing a car after an investigation found evidence linking them to the crime.

Brandon D. Neal, 23, and Franklin J. Jones III, 18, were riding in a stolen Lincoln that went missing in late August 2016, when a witness identified the Lincoln as one they knew to be stolen, according to a criminal complaint by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office.

A witness saw the Lincoln parked in a driveway and tried to block it in. However, it took off. The witness followed the car. Eventually the car stopped near Chief’s on Douglas Avenue and three men were seen running from the car.

Officer later found a wallet belonging to Jones near where the foot chase occurred, and found Neal’s fingerprints in the vehicle. The two are cousins. Neal told police he was picked up by Jones in the vehicle and that he didn’t know it was stolen, but did think something was wrong when they were chased by the witness.

Neal and Jones are both charged with driving or operating a vehicle without consent.


Two Separate Luxury Cars Crash Believed To Be Stolen

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