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Mt Pleasant Village Board Meeting for March 13, 2017 at 6:30pm

Previous recordings may be found at this link.

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Public Comment:

There was no public comment

New Business:

  1. The Village Recreation Department provided a program presentation.
  2. The 2015 Audit was presented. Both presentations may be heard in the recording.
  3. The Board voted to convene into closed session “pursuant to legal demand of a letter dated February 14, 2017” referring to an ordinance preventing people who run for office from speaking during Public Comment portions of a Village Board Meeting.
  4. The Board reconvened into open session to consider any motions discussed in closed session.
  5. The Board made a motion to repeal a portion of the Village Ordinance which had prevented people who were running for office to speak at Public Comment time during a Village Board Meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


President: Please refer to the recording for his comments

Trustees: David DeGroot shared that his house was egged. Wasn’t sure if politically motivated or not. Mr. DeGroot did not blame Jerry Garski. Jerry Garski said “I am an adult. I would never do something like that. If anyone from his campaign was found to have done this he would be the first to bring charges against that person.”

Finance Director: Please refer to the recording for her comments

Standing Committees: Please refer to the recording for their comments

Administrator/Staff: Please refer to the recording for his comments


Adjournment: The meeting closed at 8:18pm