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An inspector’s report released Friday by the Village of Mount Pleasant outlines several property violations on Mount Pleasant Village President Jerry Garski’s property.

Village authorities were alerted to violations on Nov. 9 and 10, 2016 when some known political rivals of Garski filed complaints alleging the zoning and parking violations. Garski is up for re-election against David DeGroot, who is running for village trustee and village president on April 4. No municipal citations have been issued, but Garski 30 days to correct the problems.

Read the report.

The village contracted with a private firm to investigate the allegations to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, being that the village board has oversight of Chief Tim Zarzecki and the police department. The violations listed in the original complaints pertained to Garski’s commercial use of his garage, his horses and his shed, which counts as an outbuilding not permitted for.

Zarzecki, who also serves as the interim village administrator for Mount Pleasant, said the report was not supposed to have been released until after Garski had the chance to respond.

“SafeBelt has completed its report and forwarded it to Mr. Garski and the Village with a road map to correct the violations. Mr. Garski, by law, under state statute 19.35.6(9), has been give notice that he has five days to give a response to the inspection letter and describe what needs fixed and how to fix it. We are expecting to release it (the report) by April 1.”

Garski confirmed that he did receive the letter. he has five days to respond to the report, and said he will be putting something in writing.

“If there’s anything that’s wrong it will be corrected right away,” Garski said. “ No problem.”

Garski declined to comment further at this stage in the process.

The Village issued a conditional use permit in 2012. Provisions in that conditional use permit did not allow for a commercial business to operated out of the garage. The inspector’s report states Garski was in fact running a commercial business out of his garage.

Village code requires a sprinkler system to be installed in any commercial or industrial garage with an area of 3,000 ft or greater. Lacking this, the garage had another violation against it.

The letter also states that if Garski fails to obtain a certificate of occupancy for a commercial structure during the 30 day period.

Garski also has:

  • A shed on the property without a permit.
  • A 250 gallons of diesel fuel in an “unapproved container” in his garage. The report said Garski will need permits and proper containers for this.
  • Horses in a parcel that is less than two acres. He will need to obtain a conditional use permit for the horses or remove them.

Several of theses violations require permitting and actions by the village board.

Garski has 30 days to correct the listed violations or he may be subject to fines or penalties.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.