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If you’ve ever taken a walk down Michigan Boulevard, you’ve seen the mansions perched along Lake Michigan. But if you’ve ever wondered what these homes look like inside, you are in for a treat.

Coldwell Banker Luxury Homes real estate agent Anthony Wooden took us on a tour of 3433 Michigan Boulevard, a mansion that has sat empty for several years. Built in 1930 by the Pugh family, this 9,173 square foot home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. The view of Lake Michigan, the hidden door that leads to the wine cellar and holds about 2,000 bottles of wine, the formal dining room featuring a spectacular fireplace brings a sense of welcome retreat.

In 2014, Ed Lonnergan sold the property at an auction for $1.5 million to the Bryan Hyndman Family Trust. Hyndman and his wife had planned to live in the house, but she died and the house has sat empty. Wooden said it will be auctioned off on July 22.

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